SFA Weekend of Fun – August 26-27, 2017

Please RSVP at the bottom of the page

A GCP weekend of fun on the South Fork American River is planned for August 26-27. There will be Angel-Guppy paddles, a potluck BBQ party, a campout Saturday night, and member-led trips. We now have a few volunteers to lead demos of Ugly Ducky IKs on Sunday 😊 … also sign up below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-cWb-n5sDo

This promises to be a great summer party with fantastic food, fun, and games! Roll contest in the pool! Newbie as well as open division, with a special prize for the best fail!! And it’s all free 😊.

If you would like to join the fun, please RSVP below

Angel-Guppy Paddles: Angel-Guppy Paddles are a GCP tradition in which more advanced members (Angels) accompany less experienced members (Guppies) on an SFA river run. The Angel-Guppy Paddles are skill-building opportunities where our Angels generously offer their advice, guidance and support to Guppies. The Angel-Guppy Paddles are typically a long day, as we take our time working on skills and practice along the way.

(Note all participants must be GCP members with signed waivers, Angels are still essentially trip leaders and do not assume any legal liability.)

There will be Angel-Guppy Paddles scheduled on Coloma to Greenwood (C2G), the Gorge, and potentially the Chili Bar segment of the SFA. We presently have Angels lined up for trips on Saturday and we are actively looking to recruit additional Angels and Angel-helpers for both Saturday and Sunday on both C2G and the Gorge. If you can help out as an Angel or an Angel-helper, please RSVP below

Interested in being a Guppy and improving your skills? Guppies are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of participants will be limited, based on the number of available Angels. Ratios are kept low so everyone has enough support.  If you would like to participate as a Guppy, please RSVP below

Potluck BBQ Party: The Saturday night potluck BBQ party will begin at 4pm at the home of Jacqui Moore and Paul Simmons, 7101 Amoloc Lane, Lotus. More info below.

GCP will provide main dish items. Bring side dishes, appetizers, desserts to share – and your own drinks and lawn chair.

Also bring any (still usable) kayaking gear that you want to get out of the garage, we will help give these items an appreciative new home!

Please take a moment and let us know if you think you’ll attend the party just so we get some idea of approximate numbers – it’s also okay to decide later, we just want to know if it’s likely to be closer to 40 or 80. PLEASE RSVP BELOW

Ugly Ducky IK demos: These demos will be available on Sunday (only). Sign up for you or a friend or if you can help out, please RSVP BELOW.

Member-Led Trips: For those not participating in Angel-Guppy paddles, let’s get out on the river with some member-led trips. Post your trip, meeting time/place, etc. on the GCP listserve and we’ll make this a full weekend of fun!

Saturday Night Campout: Jacqui and Paul have a beautiful, spacious property and are welcoming campers to stay for Saturday night! Bring your camping gear and be prepared for a restful, relaxing night in Lotus. Campers ….please RSVP below 

PLACE: JACQUI MOORE AND PAUL SIMMONS’ HOME – 7101 AMOLOC LANE, LOTUS.  There is some parking available at the top left side of Jacqui and Paul’s driveway….pull on in if you see space but please leave room for vehicles to drive past to the turn-around at the top.

There will be a larger additional parking area at the next right-hand turning after Jacqui & Paul’s place. (They are the first left on Amoloc, the first right after that is the additional parking.)